RD Labs

Design + Science + Body 

Risen Division Labs is a collaborative space where possible futures are brought to life with an individualized design process to create the best outcome for each unique mission. Below is a sample of some of our favorite projects. 

Contact us to learn more about what projects we might create together: collab@risendivision.com


Brick x Brick

In collaboration with Sarah Sandman and Nikki Juen and Andrea Lauer under the Activist Art Collective Public Displays of Affection.

Brick x Brick is a public art performance that builds human “walls” against misogyny. During the wall performances, participants wear brick-patterned jumpsuits adorned with colorful brick patches bearing statements of misogynistic violence made by Donald Trump. Placing divisive words on the jumpsuits is a symbol of our resistance and determination to maintain control over our bodies. 

Orbit Weaver

In collaboration with artist Xin Lui and the MIT Media Lab.

A suit design for a Blue Origin zero-gravity flight using 3M reflective fabrication to conjure the action of floating in deep space combining the needs of a modern flight suit with inspirations from the first flight suits of the early 20th century.


A collaboration between Janna Levin, Director of Sciences at PW and Andrea Lauer for Scientific Controversies.  A series at Pioneer Works where creative minds come together to discuss and debate science and its many interminable curiosities.  Each event is marked by a unique puzzle resulting in an iron-on patch to commentate each scientific mission