Be the Envy at All Tomorrow's Parties

Be the Envy at All Tomorrow's Parties

Hello Jumpsuit Devotees!

The Holiday Season is upon us and choosing what to wear to an event whether a cookie exchange, holiday office party or swanky cocktail event, we have you covered.  The craziest thing is that at this time of year, these can all happen in a single day, but not to worry, a simple shift in style can make your jumpsuit work for any event.

The Fall brought us some deep jewel tones and here at RISEN DIVISION we added a metallic twist with our QUIMBY in plum metallic and the NEW ALBERS Jumpsuit in bronze both perfect for adding some sparkle to your holiday look.

The beauty of both isn't just in their shine but also in their versatility.  Imagine rocking these suits with your favorite pair of converse or combat boot.  These are great choices with a rolled up pant leg! Then make a shift from day to night by swapping out a great heel or boot!

The right accessories can also take your jumpsuit from day to night. Add a statement belt (like our metallic snap on power belts) to cinch your waist and enhance your already fabulous silhouette. 

With these tips in mind, you're now ready to rock a jumpsuit from morning to night without the hassle or worry of what to wear for all the events in a day! 

So embrace the hectic holiday season and let your jumpsuit be the star of your wardrobe!

"In Jumpsuits We trust",


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